FUSION ENERGY – The Most Important Lifeline For Humanity and Future Development. Yes, it’s worth the cost and effort to produce.


Fusion energy is the most powerful and efficient way to power the world. With each generation comes an evolution of change and opportunities to make our lives more productive. The problem with new technologies is that it causes fear and consternation and as we all know fear often impedes progress.

What makes new technologies palpable to the masses is money; yes cold hard currency in the form of savings. Such a fact is a huge incentive for people who are fearful of the unknown or the unfamiliar to give a new technology a chance to succeed.

The cost to develop a new technology can be extremely expensive, but the savings realized from the use of that new technology can be the lynchpin, which furthers human development. 

We as human beings benefited greatly from using fire to heat our food and mold our tools. We also benefited from the use of herbs to make medicine and from the use of rubber to make tires, paints and adhesives. 

Without rubber we wouldn’t have tires, which makes travel on land easier and without rubber we wouldn’t have reliable wheels to land an airplane. Speaking of driving, who wants to cut down a tree every 25 miles to fix a wooden tire or ride 5 miles on wheels made out of steel, NO ONE! For those who don’t like change you must love living in caves and walking great distances to get to your destination, I doubt that you do.

What is fusion energy? Well, most of us see the best example of it each day that we wake up. It’s the sun!

More specifically, fusion reactions happen at high temperature and pressure, like in the Sun, because both nuclei have a positive charge, and positive repels positive. The only way to stop the repulsion is to make the nuclei hit each other at very high speeds. They only do that at high pressure and temperature. The only successful approach so far has been in nuclear weapons. The hydrogen bomb uses an atomic (fission) bomb to start fusionreactionshttps://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_fusion

People around the country who work on projects that are the scientific basis for fusion are worried that they’re in a no-win situation,” said William Dorland, a physicist at the University of Maryland who is chairman of the plasma science committee of the National Academy of Sciences. “If ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) goes forward, it might eat up all the money. If it doesn’t expand and the U.S. pulls out, it may pull down a lot of good science in the downdraft. The cost for Nations that are collaborating to build the equipment to create fusion energy is approximately $20 billion, which compared to other priorities they support that have no scientific value is a great bargain. The European Union has a 45 percent stake in the reactor and the United States, Russia, China, India, Japan and Korea each has an individual 9 percent stake in the project. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/27/science/fusion-power-plant-iter-france.html

A cursory review of what each of those Countries spent on hosting the Olympics will demonstrate my point. China spent $44 billion on hosting the 2008 Olympics; Russia spent $51 billion on the 2014 Olympics; Japan’s estimated cost of hosting the 2020 Olympics is $25 billion; the United States estimated cost for hosting the 2028 Olympics is $6.9 billion; whereas India spent $600 million on the Kumbh Mela, which is a Hindu religious festival and $10 billion on the 2010 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Delhi 2010.

Although each was probably fantastic to watch, the one thing that made it possible for them to come into fruition was ENERGY. The one thing that each of their athletes needed to train for their respective events was ENERGY and the one thing that made it possible for all who weren’t there in person to see them live, but did so via their respective medium was ENERGY.

We are going to pay the price and not in a good way for not embracing this untapped and limitless source of energy if we don’t make fusion energy a higher priority.

Allen Thomas

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