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The French Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) energy scheme is giving that country the ability and option to scale down its reliance on nuclear generated energy as an alternative source to fossil fuel. Energy obtained from fossil fuels has become increasingly expensive, which is caused by the instability in the regions where most of the largest oil reserves […]

EGYPT’S THRUST FOR WATER: Opportunity for Collaboration with Neighbors.


Egypt gets 95% of its water from the Blue Nile, which is one of two major tributaries of the Nile River. The Other major tributary is the White River which originates in Uganda. Egypt is concerned that the diversion of that water via a Dam will affect the flow of the Nile River water to Egypt, which it disparately needs to sustain itself. The Dam is 20% complete and is expected to cost $4.2 billion to complete. Ethiopia states that it needs that Dam to help generate the necessary hydropower to grow its economy.