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Why Is Afghanistan Sooo Interesting: It’s Not White Sand Beaches, But Its Nonfuel Minerals Is It Worth The Price To Explore ABSOLUTELY


What’s the BIG freak-in deal with countries wanting any part of Afghanistan? Why did Russia invade such a desolate place and why would the United States partner with Afghanistan to push Russia out of that country.  The answer my friends is NOT Afghanistan’s pristine beaches or Michelin Star Restaurants, it’s natural resources. In fact, Afghanistan […]

Why Some Nation States Turn A Blind Eye to Corruption in Exchange for Natural Resources: Self Interests


China and the U.S. are among some of the countries vying to secure a stake in Africa’s natural resources, but each of those States are employing very different methods to achieve its goal. China has a See No Evil Still See No Evil Policy regarding corruption in African States and conditions its aid assistance on a quid pro quo basis. In exchange for favorable terms regarding Aid, Greenfield Investments and trade deals coupled with the sale/extraction of natural resources, China gives African State unrestricted monies to use or do with it as it sees fit.

How Water Woes May Lead to World-Wide Clashes


Ethiopia has underscored its right to dam the Nile River and contends that that right is based upon the Harmon Doctrine, which the United Nation states is a State’s unlimited use of the waters from a transboundary watercourse that is located within its national borders. Without consensus disagreements about the consumption of transboundary water coupled with Ethiopia’s reliance on that Doctrine, States such as Egypt face serious consequences because it is geographically located downstream from its major source of water, which can potentially impact that State’s agricultural industry and possibly reduce the amount of drinking water available for its citizen.